Challenging “Gifted” to Resonate

The term “gifted” is an antinomy. It connects many to communities where we are validated and feel seen, where it is easy to breathe. Yet, the word is heavy, so heavy. Few use it when describing themselves and with good reasons. Simultaneous to uniting and growing self-awareness, when used out loud, the label creates distance. Gifted implies innate, unmalleable superiority…

The Complex Simplicity of Gifted Well-Being

Dear Gifted Student Ally, Imagine a community where everyone is a voracious learner. Educators are prepared to support various aspects of the emerging gifted student self. Instruction is designed so each is challenged and nurtured. Students question injustices and are provided opportunities to innovate. Certainly these circumstances would lead to each student and teacher thriving, […]

Telepathic Communication for High Stress Moments

Thoughts, without spoken words, can be a powerful way to connect. I recently had a successful telepathic parenting moment with my teen during a driving lesson. She has her learner’s permit and was practicing during rush hour. For the past few weeks, impeachment arguments have been broadcast across airwaves, perhaps creating feelings of agitation. And, […]

Back to School with Mister Rogers… and Neuroscientists

If neuroscientists and Mister Rogers collaborated to write a Welcome Back to School Recipe, the first ingredient would be feelings of belonging.   JUST HOW CRITICAL ARE FEELINGS OF BELONGING? Belonging has been prioritized in Native American educational practices utilized and refined over the course of 15,000 years across approximately 200 tribal languages. On the […]

Yin for the Yang

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton Power is a weighty word. For a variety of reasons, including having witnessed abuse of power within their families, neighborhoods or school communities, many people with stronger feminine, or yin energy (independent of gender), are intimidated […]

A Month of Peace Full Practices

As part of SoulSpark’s dedication to supporting the well-being of students and educators, each day this December we will share one of our practices for creating peace within ourselves and our communities. Since transitions in our nation’s political climate over the past year, we have noticed children and educators are reporting feeling more on edge. […]

Creating Inclusive Communities

Many among us have fantasized about a world where there is only one rule: “Be Kind.” We imagine a utopic society where everyone is held in a global embrace. Connection to others is immeasurably important, especially for outliers whose developmental uniqueness is socially isolating by definition. Arguably, feeling connected to community is the single most […]

Redefining Gifted – “This is Genius!”

If you have not already seen “This is Genius,” watch it now – we promise it will bring joy and a welcome reminder of the beauty in each and every human being. The short and inspiring performance reflects SoulSpark’s belief in the Power of One. Genius is knowing everyone can do honorable work. Intelligence and success are […]

3-2-1 JUSTICE! Promoting Equity

“Humanity has made two promises to its children. The first is to prepare a world which accepts them and provides them with opportunities to live, grow and create in safety. The other is to help them develop their whole beings to the fullest in every respect. Education is the vehicle through which we try to […]

Stand Up!

Stand Up: How we are teaches children how to be. If you are parenting a young equity advocate, this 30-second video is a must see: Two-thirds of gifted students (cognitive outliers, creatives, empaths, change-makers, highly sensitives, etc. – pick whichever label suits you) have experienced bullying by eighth grade (Peterson, 2006), which is more than […]

RISE: An Anthem for Changemakers

Poetry is a winding creek path from your inside out, Reflecting light; A reminder Only you define you. Every day holds the gift of choice. Even when the wind blows with all his might, water keeps her steady course. Heart knows true north. When you listen, what guides? Kindness? Equity? Courage? Actions born from love […]