Poetry is a winding creek path from your inside out,

Reflecting light;

A reminder

Only you define you.

Every day holds the gift of choice.

Even when the wind blows with all his might, water keeps her steady course.

Heart knows true north.

When you listen, what guides? Kindness? Equity? Courage?

Actions born from love spread peace.

Reach for new heights,

Invent and create,

Sing your spirit song,

Engage with all.

The dark whispers;

Being pushed down, oppressed, can be a measure of success,

Hope the unjust may evolve.

Embrace the direction of the ideal while forgiving reality;

Your sensitivity holds the power to remedy inequity.

Each possess unique SoulSpark to

Inspire ~ Innovate ~ Impact.

Together we can make change;

All rise.

Stand Strong and Shine On!