How We See Teaches
Every child deserves to be seen through the
lens of their strengths and immeasurable potential.
The Power in We
Connection creates harmony.
Focus on Impact
The future of humanity hinges on how we care for youth.

SoulSpark Learning

Where each person’s unique constellation of strengths and interests connect with opportunities to shine and be of service.

Innovate for Equity

SoulSpark Learning is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to optimizing the development and well-being of youth and the educators who care for them. Our vision is for an education system that prioritizes educator health and where teachers are prepared to engage student strengths and interests through meaningful and highly individualized instruction. Our research-informed, holistic approach provides a roadmap for change.

Introducing Soul Power Care Groups

Soul Power Care Groups will connect and nurture caregivers of low-income preK – 3rd grade youth.

The intent is to improve well-being and achievement.

We aim to create a safe space for caregivers, grow understanding of how children are experiencing the world, and foster connection and reminders that caregivers are not alone.

In addition, we will facilitate continuous caregiver learning  and education.

Learn more about Soul Power Care Groups here.

The Colorado Health Foundation is bringing health in reach for all Coloradans by engaging closely with communities across the state through investing, policy advocacy, learning and capacity building.

We are grateful to be able to compensate caregivers to become certified Soul Power Care Group facilitators in the following counties courtesy of a generous grant from the Colorado Health Foundation: Saguache, Costilla, Prowers, Baca, Conejos, Otero, Las Animas, Huerfano, Crowley, and Bent.

With Gratitude to our Sponsors & Community Champions

SoulSpark Learning is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. Our incredible volunteer corps has enabled the nonprofit to provide services, tools and programming at reasonable fees. Still, there are significant administrative and programming expenses. Your financial contributions support SoulSpark Learning’s sustainability, reach and impact. To make a contribution, please click the link below which will enable you to select where you would like your donations applied.

Thank you, thank you!

The BrighT.ED. Bright Educator Award: in Memory of Ted Wachs

Ted Wachs joyfully taught world history and psychology and coached student athletes for 46 years. He was a pioneer in holistic education who was influenced by time spent studying confluent education (integration of mind, body and spirit). His positive, strengths-based approach influenced countless lives and the SoulSpark Learning approach. SoulSpark Learning celebrates at least one educator each year with a $400 award in his memory.

The criteria for award selection is evidence of holistic and strengths-based educational practices. The receiving educator can use the funds to explore a question or develop an idea they are working on in the classroom that relates to the SoulSpark Learning mission. In addition to funding, the award includes support from the SoulSpark Learning Team. Priority consideration will be given to innovations with potential to impact underserved gifted youth (students eligible for free/reduced lunch, bilingual, Latino and African American students).

SoulSpark Learning welcomes donations from residents in Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wyoming. Please contact if you would like to make a donation from another state as some registrations are pending. Colorado residents may obtain copies of registration and financial documents from the office of the Secretary of State by calling (303) 894-2200 or at Registration number: 20193035591.

Towards the Ideal

SoulSpark Learning’s approach provides a roadmap to change. Genetics, the environment and what we practice influence outcomes. Comprised of educators, health care professionals, parents and non-profit leaders, our team is disciplined in our research and innovative in applying the learning in practice.

“You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” ~ Rumi

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